Collection of plays by Zinnie Harris published

Zinnie Harris Plays 1 features four of Zinnie’s plays – Further than the Furthest Thing, Midwinter, How To Hold Your Breath and Meet Me at Dawn.

The multi-award-winning Further than the Furthest Thing evokes the fragility of an island community as their way of life is threatened and they must determine their future, while Midwinter opens as a woman steals a dead horse to feed to a child. How To Hold Your Breath tells the story of a woman who sleeps with the devil and defends her belief in love, even as her world collapses around her, and Meet Me at Dawn offers a compelling, allegorical love story that explores the desolating effects of grief.

The collection was published by Faber & Faber and includes an introduction by director Dominic Hill.  Photo kindly provided by Playwrights’ Studio.